Obsession with Sanitation is our major concern

Sanitation generally refers to the provision of facilities and services for the safe disposal of human urine and feces. This includes the maintenance of hygienic conditions, through services such as garbage collection and wastewater disposal.

Providing sanitation to people requires a systems approach, rather than only focusing on the toilet or wastewater treatment plant itself. The main objective of a sanitation system is to protect and promote human health by providing a clean environment and breaking the cycle of disease. The collection, transport, treatment and disposal or reuse of human excreta, domestic wastewater and solid waste, and associated hygiene promotion.

The overall purposes of sanitation are to provide a healthy living environment for everyone, to protect the natural resources (such as surface water, groundwater, soil), and to provide safety, security and dignity for people when they defecate or urinate.


  • Manual sweeping of road and streets
  • Provision of collection points/receptacles/bin
  • Transfer of collection/swept wastes to rubbish points
  • Loading transportation of solid waste
  • Cleaning of main nallahs/drains
  • Final disposal of solid waste
  • Dog shooting

The Cantonment Board renders Sanitation services throughout the Cantonment Area comprising four Wards detail of which is as under:-

Sections Name of Supervisor Contact No Area
1 Ghulam Nabi 0313-5879987

Main Cantt, Karimpura, Allama Iqbal Road, Jinnah Road, Shabbir Shareef Road, Pine View Road, Club Road, College Road, Ghulistan Colony, Cantt Colony, Shahzada Masjid, GPO Chowk, Cantt Plaza etc

2 Mr. Sajjad 0313-5919885 Ghammi Adda to Jub Pull, Madina Masjid, Nafees Tent Service Street, Supply Bazar, Jhanghir Khan Street, Slaughter House, Silk Plaza, Metro Shoes Street, Usmanabad Street, Lalazar Street, City School Street etc
3 Mr Amjad 0313-4000116 Jub Pull to Mir Pur, Awan Plaza Street, Stylo Plaza Street, Fetah Khan Road, Small Industries Road, Ayub Complex, Shahnaz Raj Street etc
4 Zaryab 0312-9445389 Commander House, Rehmatabad, CMH Road, Buchri Road, Banda Dilazak Road, Noor Chowk, Disco Chowk, Qureshi Pump Road, Iqbal Road, Noor Colony, Gulshan Colony, Abbasi Street, Sheikh Dheri, Chanzeb Street, Beacon House Street, Muzammal House Street.
5 Maqsood ur Rehman 0336-5650285 Kakul Road, Shahzaman Colony, Ayesha Masjid, Tarkanna, Sarban Colony, Hassan Town, Janjua Street, Shalimar Colony, Lalazar Colony, Garden Street, Mohallah Umar Farooq, 03 Streets of Kakul Road. 
6 Haroon 0318-6090048

Army Flat, Narrian, Sheikh ul Bandi, Murree Road, Link Road Narrian, 17 Streets of Jadoon Colony, Sardar Colony, Akram Khan Colony, Mohallah Koochi, Noor Colony, Al-Jehad Colony, Hassan Khail Colony, Umar Masjid, Sardar Khan Street, Ghulam Hussain Street.

7 Raza 0314-5010051

15 Streets of Bilal Town, 12 Streets of Hashmi Colony, Garga Colony, Madina Town, Bilal Town Main Bazaar.

8 Chanzeb 0331-5720015

Hassan Khail, Sethi Colony, Mohallah Zahid Abad, Jhangi Qazian, Jhangi Syedan, Gulshan e Ghazi, 05 Streets of Sethi Masjid, 07 Streets of Gulshan e Iqbal, Alam Town, Passport Office Steet etc.

9 Bilal 0315-2131562

19 Streets of Jinnahabad, 18 Streets of Javed Shaheed Road, 06 Streets of Comsats University, 06 Streets of Phool Gulab Road etc.

10 Bilal  0315-2131562

11 Streets of Sir Syed Colony, 03 Streets of College Road, Old College Road, 03 Streets of Mohallah Umar Farooq, 03 Streets of Al-Badar Colony, 22 Streets of Kaghan Colony, 03 Streets of Gulberg Colony etc. 

11 Rashid - 1  0314-4990053

30 Streets of Habibullah Colony, 20 Streets of Lower Jinnahabad, Astoni Jheel (Lake), Workshop Road, Iftikhar Janjua Road, Dar ul Aman Road, Lambay Dhobay Road, By-Pass Road PMA. 

12 Rashid - 2 0311-6965794

Thanda Chowa, Altaf Town, Hamayun Town, Madina Town, Azam Town, Malik Fazal Street, Col. Munaf Street, Maj. Zulfiqar Street, Ilyasi By-Pass Road, Dheri Farm Nawanshehr, PMA Road Dheri Farm, Younis Khan Colony, Noor Masjid Street. 

13 Rashid - 1 0314-4990053

09 Streets of Mirpur Maira, P.T School, Lower Aspedar, Takiya Kakul, 03 Streets of Mate Colony.