Following are list of Parks located in Abbottabad Cantonment

S.No Name of Park Location
1 Cantt Public Park (Lady Garden Park) Mansehra Road
2 Jinnahabad Park Jinnahabad Colony
3 Habibullah Park Habibullah Colony

All Parks has basic requirements like Children playing apparatus, Benches, Dustbins etc Cantt Public Park has children playing apparatus i.e. Swings, Slides, Merry go rounds Seasaws, Benches, Dustbins, Sound system, Walking Tracks, Fountains & Water Falls, Gazeeboes & a Reading Room to facilitate General Public. One portion is specific for ladies only with basic facilities.

Our Services

  • Development & maintenance of parks, playgrounds, recreational grounds on regular basis.
  • Maintenance of existing green areas.
  • To organize flower show and develop awareness among the public regarding importance of flowers & plants. Through Green & Clean Walk & Free distribution of plants.
  • Development of roadsides, plantation of trees, shrubs and grasses and improve the outlook.
  • Maintenance of graveyards.
  • Establishing the shady areas and trees in parks and roads tree trimming.
  • Sitting areas for adult and playing areas for children.
  • Water features are maintained in major parks to add to beauty and recreation.
  • Grass maintenance.
  • Free distribution of plants to the residents of Cantonments for better environment of Cantt Areas.