Abbotabad Cantonment is adjacent to Abbottabad City in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The Pakistan Military Academy also falls in the limit of Abbottabad Cantt, which is adjacent to the Abbotabad Cantonment Board.

Abbottabad was founded and named after Major James Abbott in January 1853 as the headquarters of Hazara District during the British Raj after the annexation of Punjab. He remained the first Deputy Commissioner of Hazara district from 1849 until April 1853. Major Abbott is noted for having written a poem titled "Abbottabad", before his return to Britain, in which he wrote of his fondness for the town and his sadness at having to leave it. In the early 20th century, Abbottabad became an important military cantonment and sanatorium, serving as the headquarters of a brigade in the Second Division of the Northern Army Corps. The garrison consisted of four battalions of native infantry, of the Frontier Force (including the 5th Gurkha Rifles) and two native mountain batteries.

In 1901, the population of the town and cantonment was 7,764 with an average per capita income of Rs. 14,900. This increased to Rs. 22,300 in 1903, mostly derived from octroi. During this time main public institutions were built such as the Albert Victor Unaided Anglo-Vernacular High School, the Municipal Anglo-Vernacular High School and the government dispensary. In 1911, the population had risen to 11,506 and the town contained four battalions of Gurkhas. In June 1948, the British Red Cross opened a hospital in Abbottabad to deal with thousands of injured being brought in from Kashmir.

Bazar Area

Bazar Area (measuring 44.94 Acres) was notified under section 43-A of Cantts Act 1924 vide Govt of India Notification No. 385, dated 22-5-1937.  The said Notification was superceded and Bazar Area (measuring 137.76 Acres) re-declared vide Ministry of Defence Notification No. SRO/1202(1)80, dated 29-11-1980.

Another Area was notified as Bazar Area under Rule 2 (b) of C.L.A Rules, 1937 vide Ministry of Defence Notification No. 923/55, dated 04-11-1955.

1)       Date of Establishment of Abbottabad Cantonment   1853


Area (Acres)





Units, Barracks, Lines, CMH, MES Office, BOQs, MOQs, OR lines, JCO Lines, Officer Colonies etc.

Land in the active occupation of the Army



Open land

Vacant Military Land for specific purpose.



Post Office, PO Colony, T&T Communication Building

Land which is occupied or used by the federal government except Ministry of  Defence



Provincial Govt land (Offices,Agriculture farm,School & Colleges)

Land which is occupied or used by the provincial government.



Land leased out to private persons

Leased land which is held by any private person.



Graveyard, Drains and Nullahs etc.

Vacant land which has not leased out to any one



Roads, Public Parks, Quarters, Shops/Flats etc

Land which is vested in the Board.

Private & Other Land








Population of Abbottabad Cantonment


(as per 2017 census report)

Bazar Area

           111.701  Acres


             03 Nos.

Grave Yard

             03 Nos.

Length of Roads

            82.23 K.M

Cantt Board Roads

            32.00 K.M

M.E.S Roads  

            26.52 K.M

C & W Roads 

            23.71 K.M

Tube Wells

              19 Nos.

Chlorinator with Tube Well

              15 Nos.

Over Head Water Tank

              02 Nos. 

Water Purification Plants

              07 Nos.

Street Lights

            3446 Nos.

Cantt Public Girls School & College

             01 No.