Building Committee is a Sub-Committee of the Cantonment Board Abbottabad constituted U/S 44 of the Cantonments Act, 1924 to deal with the following cases / applications pertaining to the properties on private lands and outside Bazar area;


  1. Applications received U/S 179 of the Cantonments Act, 1924 for seeking approval of the Board for erection / re-erection of residential & commercial buildings.
  2. Applications U/S 183-A of the Cantonments Act, 1924 for grant of extension in time limit for completion of residential and commercial buildings.


Presently the Building Committee comprises on the following.

S.No Name Designation
1 Mr. Fawad Ali Jadoon Chairman
2 Mr. Danial Jadoon Member
3 Mr. Muhammad Haroon Member
4 Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Member
5 Mr. Baidar Bakht Member
6 Lt. Col Wajahat Ali Khan, Gar HQ, Atd Member
7 CMES, Atd Member